WatchTower UK are proud to announce we have crossed the milestone of 200 towers deployed across the UK.

We aim to protect, monitor and safeguard various places from Theft, destruction, burglary, and arson.

Interesting Facts: In 2019/20, there were approximately 2.07 million theft offences recorded by police forces in the United Kingdom, a slight fall on the previous reporting year when there were 2.16 million.

There are an estimated 25 million security cameras in use worldwide. The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) estimates there are between 4-5.9 million cameras in the UK

Recent Surveys show that a CTTV video surveillance can reduce certain types of crime.

Based on all the studies the toolkit consulted, they conclude that CCTV’s effectiveness depends on how and where it is used. With our high end Watchtowers and 24/7 monitoring, alarm system, we help reduce crime one at a time, cost effective for owners or businesses.

  • An average of 16 crimes
  • An average of 26 - vehicle crimes
  • In car park-based context,51 crimes prevented per week